24hrs Taichung Bitcoin ATM

There are not many Bitcoin ATM operates 24hrs in Taichung, and our BTM-City is one of the Bitcoin ATM that operates 24hrs daily.

Those in need of Bitcoin (BTC) urgently, either for own use, or for transferring money to overseas family or friends who is in immediate needs, could find us anytime of the day ( yes even in the middle of night) easily as our Bitcoin ATM is located just nearby Taichung Train station.

24hrs Bitcoin ATM address : No. 2-1, Zhongshan Rd, Central District
Click link for Google Map location: https://goo.gl/maps/1JR1SVDaTD5y2pir9

Our 24hrs Bitcoin ATM provides only Bitcoin (BTC) currently, however we will gradually add in some others cryptocurrency we will updates any latest information in our website.

比特幣ATM(Bitcoin ATM)2
比特幣ATM(Bitcoin ATM)2

台中比特幣ATM(Bitcoin ATM),24小時營業!

台中現在24小時營業的比特幣ATM(Bitcoin ATM)並不多間,我們BTM – City是其中一間,24小時營業是為了服務臨時急需要用到比特幣(Bitcoin)的朋友,我們的比特幣ATM(Bitcoin ATM)就擺放在台中火車站附近,就算有朋友是從台中附近的縣市過來,也不用擔心迷路。

24小時比特幣ATM(Bitcoin ATM)地址是:台中市中區中山路2-1號

可以點擊連結透過Google Map找到我們:https://goo.gl/maps/1JR1SVDaTD5y2pir9

比特幣ATM(Bitcoin ATM)2
比特幣ATM(Bitcoin ATM)2



這個時候,利用我們24小時服務的比特幣ATM(Bitcoin ATM)購買比特幣(Bitcoin)轉過去給親友,不到半個小時對方就可以收到比特幣(Bitcoin),可以解決你親友急需用錢的困擾。


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比特幣ATM(Bitcoin ATM)3
比特幣ATM(Bitcoin ATM)3